Packages Offered


Bath Package - Your pet will enjoy a warm soak in our tub, their ears cleaned, a blow dry, and a manicure and pedicure. We offer special shampoos including oatmeal, medicated, and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive or itchy skin.


Groom Package - With our Grooming Package, your pet will enjoy our Bath Package AND a new do!


De-shed Treatment - Our de-shed treatment includes the Bath Package with a special shampoo that weights the hair and aids the naturally shedding hair to fall out here, instead of at home. This treatment is especially helpful in the beginning of Summer when your pet is losing the excess Winter coat.


Flea Treatment - If you are fighting a losing battle against those pesky fleas, let us help you. Your pet will receive the Bath Package including a Flea Shampoo that kills the fleas and eggs that are currently on your pet.


Individual Services and Add on Pricing 


  • Nail Clip - $12.00

  • Nail Grind - $15.00

  • Flea Shampoo - $10 Extra

  • Dematting - starts at $5 Extra 

  • Desheding - starts at $10 Extra

  • Anal Glands, Teeth Brushing or Ear Cleaning - $10.00

  • Pad, Eye or Sani Trim - $10.00

  • Fur Dying

    • Ears - $15.00

    • Tail - $15.00

    • Ears & Tail - $25.00

    • Feet - $20.00

    • Full Body – $30.00 and up


Prices for Bathing and Grooming packages vary per breed and size. We will be happy to discuss options and pricing with you upon your visit.



Vaccine's Required?

Just a friendly reminder to keep your pets happy and healthy we do require proof of Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines for grooming and bathing services provided here. 


Need a New Do?


Muddy Paws is dedicated to providing a safe and stress free experience for your pet. We use the best quality shampoos and conditioners that are best suited for your pet. Our professionals are experienced and trained to style dogs of any breed or size. We offer a wide range of services so your pet will always look and feel his or her very best!